At our public exhibition in March, we showed our submitted plans for Phase 1 which include 240 new homes, land for employment use (2.7 hectares), a local centre (0.4 hectares) and public open space (around 2.5 hectares). We also set out our early thoughts for Phase 2, including how we plan to address the sensitive southern boundary of the site.

We are planning to accelerate the delivery of affordable housing on Phase 1, providing 67 homes (28% of the total) which would be available either for affordable rent or discount market sale and local families would be prioritised. Across the whole scheme, we will deliver 86 affordable properties, predominantly one- and two-bed homes which are in the greatest need.

We know that bungalows are in demand locally and we plan to provide around 120 across the whole development.

An area of employment land will be provided to the north-west of the site. We are already in discussion with a number of end-users who could deliver retail, hospitality, leisure and light industrial opportunities.